The most basic form of mind control is repetition


Our brains literally groove to repetition with frequency. You know that song that gets stuck in your head and plays over and over? Maybe you don’t even know the whole song, yet there is that one chorus that just keeps playing in your head.

Repetition is the most basic form of mind control.  Our brains are lazy and would rather gravitate to input than fire in new ways of expanded, creative thought. This is why creative thought is among the first brain functions to go when mind control dominates.

It’s hard to think of a different song, even a favorite one, with that song grooving in your brain over and over. This is also why those triggered into program cannot hear logic over their need to ‘sing along’ and parrot their own programming by telling us to ‘mask up’, ‘get the injection’, or that ‘elections were not stolen’.

Consciously overriding that subconscious programmed driver requires deliberate action akin to pushing the river or rerouting the groove, and most are too lazy to think to do so.  It is easier to just groove to the repetitious beat and march to new world orders.

Basic mind brain function is important for us to understand so we can think with clarity above and beyond repetitious intrusion. Conscious awareness of this basic form of mind control is our defense against it. Knowledge is our defense against any form of mind control.

Reject Repetition

Consciously rejecting repetition requires exercise to strengthen our free thought critical analysis. For 4 years, controlled media bombarded us with ‘Impeach Impeach Impeach’. We heard it with such frequency that, whether we believed in it or not, it took subconscious root.

Aware from experience, I had to consciously reject the word ‘impeach’ so many times that the word lost all meaning when in fact, Impeach is exactly what is needed today! Be aware of the long term effects of repetition.

While traumatized and sheltering at home, constantly hearing the satanic reversal that ‘violence is peace’ becomes engrained in the subconscious. Of course, I never believed that violent riots were peaceful demonstrations, yet recognized subconscious effects enough to consciously counter them.  After all, repetition can have long term effects in directions unforeseen.

Subconsciously subdued, many complied, conformed, and became complacent while communities and livelihoods burned. Reactions became peaceful, waiting on Big Gov to fix it for them when Big Gov was doing it to them!

Stop the Loop

Just like that song playing over and over in the brain, ‘mask up’ ‘social distance’ ‘get the injection’ and ‘shelter at home’ became the ‘new normal’ while elections were blatantly stolen to usher in the New World Order slave society agenda.

To compound the felony, perpeTraitors who have been stealing elections ever since the inception of electronic voting machines have infiltrated our justice system, even appointing Supreme Court Justices!

When the justice system does not prosecute violent offenders and prosecutes instead those defending themselves from violence or protesting stolen elections, that subconscious repetitious conditioning mainstream media bombarded us with compounds. Long term effects of repetition are then triggered to further disarm citizens unless we know to consciously counter the effects!

I stop that song from looping in my head by making brief note of it by hand on paper, then consciously analyze if it is the lyric that made it repeat or the harmonic carrier. Either way, I consciously counter anything that is stuck on repeat, push the river of thought to lift it from its groove, and fill the void with a SOULution or song of my choice!

Filling the void even applies to “impeach impeach impeach” which will require restoring integrity to elections first!

Stop the Agenda

Consider, too, that unless we consciously arm ourselves and each other with truth on the New World Order mind control agenda that began in Nazi, Germany and is being imposed on humanity today, history will continue to repeat until we evolve with the knowledge.

Mainstream media is complicit with the slave society mind control agenda, pushing the narrative with repetition while suppressing and censoring truth.

Be ‘ware that the pedophile agenda being promoted by media and through the education system is a mind control agenda. Trauma, like repetition, is a basic form of mind control. Sexual abuse of a child prior to age 5 is a trauma that confuses gender and heightens suggestibility, and we are being conditioned to comply with this ‘new normal’ in lieu of protecting our children!

Since child sex trafficking is now the most lucrative business in the world and funds the New World Order agenda, facts on this mind control op are suppressed while open borders allow it to proliferate.  

Mainstream social media censored me from posting “Defund the New World Order- Stop Child Sex Trafficking” with an ‘oops, you already said that’. In the meantime, ‘oops’ mainstream social media already said ‘impeach impeach impeach’ since rules and mandates repetitively imposed on us clearly do not apply to them.

We the People are thinking twice before responding to repetitive commands. The vast majority of us are aware that mind control is being used to usher in the global reset slave society agenda, and are actively arming ourselves and each other with truth.

Truth like: Defund the New World Order-Stop Child Sex Trafficking

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