MK Ultra mind control programmers are skilled in manipulating subconscious mind/brain function on levels that regulate breathing, heartbeat, and eye blinks. This is evident, for example, in Military Special Forces “No Time to Bleed” programming so soldiers can take a bullet and keep on going.

Imagine how you can regulate your health by controlling these subconscious mind/brain functions with your own free thought strength of spirit!

These innate gifts have been overridden for generations by Big Pharma suppressing information in education while simultaneously suppressing our immune system with pharmaceuticals to generate money and control. As we wake up from mind control masked as a virus, we must awaken from all levels of programming through becoming consciously aware of them. This is our time to heal, reclaim self control, and rediscover the amazing capabilities we were born with. Our bodies, minds and spirits are resilient and strong, just waiting to be reclaimed and freely expressed.

It is univerSOUL justice to me to see the negative of my past experience in MK Ultra mind control be turned into a positive that informs and empowers others. I learned the ins and outs of my own brain in my healing process, and I celebrate the freedom to direct my own thoughts in healthy, productive ways.

Tortures I endured had resulted in compartmentalized memory, which is professionally defined as the mind’s sane defense to trauma too horrible to comprehend. Our brains automatically shut down neuron pathways in the brain around traumatic memory, repressing it so the rest of the mind can function normally. As more trauma was deliberately inflicted, more compartments developed until my brain was so divided I had no capacity left for normal function.

With neuron pathways shut down, one compartment could not communicate with another. Much like how society is being deliberately divided today for mind control purposes!

With no conscious communication in my own mind, I had no concept of time. With no concept of time, I was not aware of what my body had just endured and therefore my endurance heightened. My brain did not signal my body to be tired, which was capitalized on by my mind control programmers.

Think on that a moment. What does this say about physical endurance being increased through mind expansion by conscious choice?

What other physical capabilities can be increased by expanding understanding of our own mind/brain function?

Conscious Health

Our immune systems are strong and resilient when we accept the healing mechanisms we are born with. Just like Military Special Forces have “No Time to Bleed”, I have no time for a virus and therefore rarely ever catch one. I don’t need a faith healer outside myself to remind me of this gift, I celebrate it with gratitude every day through being well with well being.

I also keep my heart happy and healthy with good nutrition and by accepting the gift of ‘mind over matter’ heartbeat/blood flow regulation. Physical injuries happen in life, and we are equipped to be our own first responder! Pain is an alarm system that, once the alert is acknowledged, is no longer needed.

PTSD: Time to Heal eBook
PTSD Time to Heal is a workbook written by Cathy O’Brien, based on the healing methods taught to her by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips.

Visual acuity often increases from trauma and is evidenced by wide, unblinking eyes with pupillary dilation. It is as though our brains’ defense mechanism expands peripheral vision to see trauma before it happens like the proverbial ‘eyes in the back of the head’ concept. This means our brains are capable of regulating our vision when we consciously control those subconscious drivers.

Conscious Thought

Without free thought to critically analyze situations, I developed heightened senses. It was as though I was blasted into other parts of my brain, including primitive aspects that became dormant as humankind ‘evolved’. I could sense much like an animal does, tuning into vibrations of who is good and who is a threat. People often rely on their dogs to make those judgments, responding on alert to barks and snarls.  

Pets can show us the way back to our senses if we choose to listen.  Without free thought, I had no free speech, and relied on telepathy for true communication. I learned to deep listen.

When Mark first rescued my daughter and me from our mind control victimization, I had no capacity to think to trust.  Yet his pets loved him, trusted him, and attentively sought his affection. I sensed that if his animals could trust him I could. It was animal instinct that allowed for me to learn to trust again. Trust was a necessary step toward my healing from mind control.

Trusting Intuition

As I healed and regained my free thought, I consciously chose to retain the expanded brain function extra sensory capacity that I’d been blasted into.  Why not? It is that mind/brain function within us all that has remained dormant for generations just waiting to be reclaimed that I choose to retain.

Among those extra senses is heightened intuition. These intuitions can appear psychic at times and often emerge in my dream state. I honor and appreciate these insights, which usually unfold amidst synchronistic “coincidences” that are an aspect of life most people are too busy to notice.  I live in a conscious state of gratitude for my free thought which allows me to live in flow with life’s higher purpose.

Well Being and Being Well

When I was tortured, my spirit took flight to a safe loving space high above life’s physical experience.

That safe loving space is harmonious with the base core energy of my being. People often seek this higher connection to source through meditation or prayer whereas for me it is a familiar freeway I consciously choose to keep open. This makes it easier to live life’s purpose motivated by the most powerful force in the universe- Love.

“When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the world will know Peace”- Jimi Hendrix

My spirit was never possessed, only suppressed. I couldn’t think to express it, which is exactly what my mind control programmers and handlers wanted. They fear the strength of the human spirit and its capacity for wisdom. Wisdom has integrity, sense, intuition, and comprises past, present, future insight with height, depth, consideration, and compassion that far exceeds flat linear thinking. Wisdom outthinks their criminal mind every time!

Even artificial intelligence cannot grasp the strength of the human spirit. It is our saving grace. It is where we win and where the New World Order Cabal slave society agenda loses.

Many government secrets and personal reputations were staked on their belief that I could not heal to reclaim free thought from their strategic MK Ultra mind control. They never considered the strength of the human spirit or power of love.  Paradigms shifted when they realized that I remembered all their secrets I’d been tortured to forget, and I am telling all.

It is time we unite to reclaim our free thought and collectively shift their paradigm once and for all! This is Our Time to Heal. Our Time to reclaim our innate right to well being and being well. Our Time for Regenesis.

PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.