Is Justice Blinded by The National Security Act of 1947?

Dis Barr

William Barr was assistant Attorney General under one of the most corrupt US Attorney Generals in history, Dick Thornburgh.  This suggests he either is the epitome that ‘justice is blind’ or Barr was complicit in Thornburgh’s criminal activities.

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security, released in 2004, provides deep insight complete with validating footnotes into scandal encompassing Thornburgh’s and Barr’s extensive corruption due to how it interfaced with Kelly’s and my case.  

Seeds of corruption I saw being planted in the Wash DC swamp had come to fruition by the time Kelly was illegally incarcerated in so-called child protective services in early 1990s. Senator Byrd’s FBI catchnet operation for human trafficking survivors had a firm grip on Kelly’s case, which was further tightened by Thornburgh who had personal reasons for trying to silence her.

Thornburgh was already in the midst of numerous scandals, including public exposure of cocaine found in the Attorney General’s desk drawer. He deflected the cocaine issue over to Barr while he focused on diverting attention from the Inslaw Promise software scandal.

Reporter Danny Casolaro had implicated Thornburgh in his expose’ on vast government corruption referred to as the Octopus. Thornburgh was in the center of it all, with tentacles extending through the Inslaw Promise software scandal, Iran-Contra, CIA cocaine ops, MK Ultra mind control, election rigging, and Shadow Government/Deep State NWO crimes of treason.  

Since Thornburgh was among my most torturous MK Ultra mind control abusers, and my years of exposure to him had been validated by US Customs, Danny Casolaro was aware of Kelly’s and my case. He called Mark to inform him our case was about to come to light through exposure of the Octopus.

Mark’s and my hopes that finally Kelly might be freed of the corrupted child protective services system rose even higher when Thornburgh announced his resignation under guise of ‘running for Senate’.

Our hopes were short-lived, however.  Danny was ‘suicided’ August 10, 1991.

Within hours of Danny’s death, President Bush accepted Thornburgh’s resignation as Attorney General leaving William Barr to fill his vacancy. Thornburgh and Barr packed up and removed 258 boxes of documents and films in what was termed “Papergate” before Barr appointed “Special Counsel” to investigate the Inslaw scandal (which dragged on until courts ruled against Inslaw in 1998 due to lack of evidence).

Danny Casolaro’s death sent shock waves through reporters intent on exposing government corruption, and was a giant step forward for media censorship.

September 19, 1991 Mark and I were subpoenaed to testify in Federal Court against ridiculous charges that Mark had “threatened the life of the President”. These charges had originated while Thornburgh was US AG.

We were advised to ‘Plead the 5th’ because obviously there was no evidence and we were being set up for perjury in classic DOJ fashion. Minutes before the trial, I was called upstairs of the Federal Building into State Attorney General Joe Brown’s office for interrogation by FBI Agents Brad Garrett and Phil Tuney.

FBI’s Special Agent Brad Garrett, who previously testified against my trafficked daughter April 19, 1991, was notoriously corrupt. He became ABC news’ FBI consultant and covered such crimes as the Clinton White House murder of Vince Foster, intern Mary Caitrin-Mahoney, Chandra Levy and more-check him out for yourself.

Following is a direct quote from ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security, p165 where I am meeting with Tuney and Garrett. Garrett’s not-so-veiled threat to alert William Barr did not stop me from pleading the 5th and securing Mark’s freedom.  

“I’m already awake and alert, thank you,” I declined the coffee.

“Well good,” Garrett answered.  “Then you’ll absorb what I’m about to tell you.  It is important that you know the facts.  You need to know that Mark is going to be locked up for the rest of his life if you plead the fifth.”

“Pleading the fifth is an admission of guilt,” Tuney nodded.

“I don’t know how you’re going to live with putting him away forever in a Federal penitentiary,” Garrett said, his veiled threat strengthening my resolve to stay silent.  “Thornburgh’s out of office now.  His friend William Barr is carrying out his work while he plays.  We’ll let him know that you had Mark locked up.”

“He’ll tell Byrd,” Tuney said to Garrett as though he were protesting….”

As I was reading ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security aloud for audio book publication, I was reminded how often Barr had come up in our journey through the criminal justice system.  ACCESS DENIED should be read by every American concerned with the erosion of justice in our nation, the horrors continuing to emanate from so-called child protective services, increasing alarm at the FBI’s infamous interrogation tactics, and the Department of Justice’s two teared system of corruption.

William Barr has been in position of power over law for decades. Isn’t it time We the People check his deeds rather than listen to his words? This is Our Time, America, to unite and take a stand against criminal perpeTraitors in order to take back our country and restore Constitutional values of freedom and justice for all!

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security details our journey of survival to become US Government Whistleblowers, and is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and power of love.