Justin Trudeau or Justin Castro?

Trudeau & MK Ultra

Justin Trudeau or Justin Castro?

Either way, the father who raised him, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was a master of MK Ultra mind control of individuals and nations with a goal of implementing what Adolph Hitler, George Bush, and Joe Biden term the New World Order.

The question regarding who the biological father is of the current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raises questions about his mother. Was Justin’s mother, Margaret Trudeau, a ‘Presidential Model’ MK Ultra mind control slave as I was told by my politically affluent abusers?

What does this say about Justin Trudeau? Was he groomed by Pierre Trudeau to lead Canada into the New World Order by genetic design or through MK Ultra mind control? 

I know from experience that Pierre Trudeau is a pedophile skilled in trauma based mind control, having sexually assaulted me at age 9 at the Mackinac Island Michigan Governor’s mansion.  My 1995 testimony for Congress, TRANCE Formation of America, was censored under National Security due to my naming family bloodlines hellbent on implementing a global slave society including then Governor of Michigan George Romney (“Rino” Mitt’s father) Pierre Trudeau (Justin’s ”father”) George Bush and more.

My pedophile father sold me into CIA MK Ultra mind control’s Project Monarch, which is rooted in multigenerational incest abuse.  After being trafficked to Pierre Trudeau, I lost any remaining free thought to traumatic control due to his expertise in Jesuit manipulation of the subconscious mind.

My father was associated with local politician and later US President Gerald Ford.  As Ford’s political career escalated so too did my victimization until I became a “Presidential Model” MK Ultra mind controlled robotic sex slave operating on a White House Pentagon level.  

While I was being trafficked yet again to Gerald Ford to fulfill his perversions, he was blasting Rod Stewart on his stereo as he often did. He told me “Maggie May had been titled for Maggie Trudeau”. 

Margaret Trudeau had been in the news due to having been institutionalized for a mental breakdown.  Her reputation for sexual promiscuity with world famous celebrities and politicians was being diverted by media spin focused on her “drug use” and for being “bipolar.” Bipolar and schizophrenia are often terms misapplied to dissociative disorders resultant from horrific abuse such as those experienced in MK Ultra mind control.

In reference to media spin and hype, Ford continued, “No one in the world cares what happens to Maggie, so why would anyone care what happens to the likes of you?”

My owner in MK Ultra US Sen Byrd used that phrase in reference to the first Presidential Model mind control sex slave Marilyn Monroe.  “Marilyn Monroe was killed in front of the public eye and no one knew why, so why would anyone care what happens to the likes of you?”  Byrd often bragged he had his hand in trafficking her in an effort to compromise targeted politicians into complying with the New World Order agenda.

Byrd knew Pierre Trudeau well, sharing Hitler Himmler belief in sexually abusing a child prior to age 5 to render them complaint and easily led. This provided an ideal basis for raising a “Manchurian Candidate” mind controlled robot to fill national leadership position as evidenced by George Bush Jr.

Research for yourself what Margaret Trudeau’s past entails and apply this key piece of the puzzle regarding MK Ultra mind control Presidential Model sex slaves.  The more you know the more you see, and the more you see the more you know how imperative it is that mind control is factored into the equation on “elected” global leaders. 

I am often asked where wives of politicians were while their husbands indulged in perversions with me and/or my daughter, and again, MK Ultra mind control must be factored into the equation.  Mind control is a sliding scale, from the kind of robotic mind control that I and others endured to information control.  Consider, too, that trophy wives are needed to tend parties at home in order to maintain illusions and divert attention from politicians hellbent on implementing a New World Order slave society agenda with children as their primary targets.

As people around the world recognize Justin Castro Trudeau’s imposed dictatorship on Canada, and as increasing numbers of survivors of MK Ultra speak out on the pervasiveness of mind control, the internet is scrubbing information on mind control and rewriting history on those like Margaret Trudeau.  Research deep. 

Knowledge is our defense against a mind control agenda being imposed by political generations immersed in the New World Order slave society.  Awareness is key. Political integrity is our response-ability.


TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.