Supreme UNjustice

Supreme UNjustice

It is supreme UNjustice when a Supreme Court Justice who is openly pro-pedophilia is appointed by a president who blatantly stole elections! Could there be ulterior motives considering public photos of the unelected president fondling children, his son Hunter’s notorious laptop photos, and his rapid re-opening of our borders to drug and human trafficking?  To compound the felony, the unelected president is ushering in a New World Order that is funded by child sex trafficking across open borders! Think on that a moment.

Who holds the Supreme Court accountable when our sacred US Constitution they are sworn to uphold is usurped by a global slave society agenda? Are We the People going to blindly follow leaders we didn’t elect and Supreme Court decisions that cover crimes against humanity inflicted by the very perpeTRAITORS who appointed them to office?

We cannot wait on Big Government to fix this for u.s.- Big Government is doing it to u.s. 

My 1995 testimony, censored under so-called National Security by named perpeTraitors, details the strategic appointment of US Attorney Generals, corrupt FBI directors, and even ‘Special Counsels’ like the Warren Commission that covered up the Kennedy Assassination.  These appointed ‘authorities’ are either compromised or openly complicit in selling out our sovereignty to what Adolph Hitler (YouTube), George Poppy Bush (YouTube), and Joe Biden (YouTube) term the New World Order.

Awareness of where these perpeTraitors are systematically placed is key to taking back our personal and national sovereignty. Mark and I experienced the criminal justice system in action that I had witnessed being put in place while deep in the Wash DC swamp.  ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security details Mark’s and my journey through the corrupted ‘child protective services’ in our determined effort to free my trafficked daughter, which ultimately thrust us into whistleblower status.

Our documented experience clarifies why it is imperative that We the People become active in local and Midterm elections that effect our daily lives. From local levels, we can make our voices effectively heard with reverberation all the way to Wash DC.

We must begin by securing integrity of elections with IDs and proof of citizenship, replace Dominion/Diebold electronic voting machines with paper ballets, stop outside financing by Big Tech/globalists with cleverly named organizations, and above all learn to discern beyond political rhetoric/NLP to actions of those vying for our vote.  

Stay alert.

*Know your District Attorneys (targeted by globalists for placement through rigged elections)

*Know your Judges (often blackmailed and compromised)

*Know your Superintendents (keep education local to prevent teachers’ unions/federal gov from indoctrinating our kids)

*Know your police chiefs (keep them free of FBI gestapo overreach)

*Know your Mayor.  When openly pro-NWO Mayors like Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot are running for re-‘election’ despite violent devastation wreaked on the community, it is a blaring alarm that We the People must secure elections now to make our voices heard.

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*Above all, know your local Sheriff.

Your local Sheriff has the power to protect your rights from Federal overreach and to refuse to enforce unConstitutional mandates.  

Pay your Sheriff a visit to ensure Constitutional vows will be upheld. Know your Sheriff above all other officials and hold them all accountable for actions over rhetoric. We the People are the majority, and Constitutional Sheriffs serve us.  

Arm yourself with knowledge of your Sheriff’s power through

Then actively educate your community as exemplified by those such as Waverly Iowa’s We The People For Constitutional Sheriffs (WTPFCS).  Be sure citizens running for the office of Sheriff fully understand their duty and have the integrity and strength of character to exert authority to protect your Constitutional rights. Sheriffs are critically important to your sovereignty right now more than ever before.

Is your Governor among those actively protecting Constitutional sovereignty by upholding States Rights?

Is your State Attorney General actively upholding Constitutional values of freedom and Justice for all?

Governors and State Attorney Generals have the capability of taking on a corrupted Supreme Court and holding them accountable to our sacred Constitution.  

Educate yourself above and beyond global education/common core’s deliberate rewriting of history for propaganda promotion of a globalist slave society agenda. Actively ensure election integrity so elections are not stolen during Midterms like they were 2020.  Know the power of local and state governments.  Know your own power- Government works for u.s.

We the People are the majority and have Supreme power to reinstate Justice!  Time to rise and shine, arm ourselves and each other with truth, gather our strength of spirit, stop following leaders we didn’t elect and those they appoint to the Supreme Court to cover their crimes against humanity, and once and for all stop complying with New World Orders and its funding mechanism of child sex trafficking, for the sake of securing Constitutional values of Freedom and Justice for All.

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