Natural Defence edited

Power to the Peaceful!

In a world where controlled media cameras stay focused on chaos, trauma, fear mongering, lies and violence, where is the voice of We-the-Peaceful?

Peaceful is not newsworthy considering the globalists in control of media are busy “covering” stories to further their agenda of socially engineering a nation into compliance. Violence, chaos, and fear render people highly suggestible and easily led by the voice of controlled media, whose deliberate NLP (neuro linguistic programming- language of the subconscious) is designed to trigger more violence, chaos and fear thus ensnaring more of u.s. into compliance.

Truth frees us from fear and peacefully expands vision to positive SOULutions. It is difficult to find truth amidst the lies of controlled media, which Mark jokingly likens to “dumpster diving for ham sandwich”. Arm yourself with knowledge on mind control, social engineering, NLP, and it becomes easier to understand what is truly going on in society. Learn to train your brain to think in new ways, expand thought, consider other perspectives, and fact check what you think you know.

PTSD: Time to Heal inspires how to think rather than what to think. Knowing your own truth and understanding your brain’s responses arms you with strength of spirit to reclaim your peace of mind. World peace begins with inner peace. Apply simple self-rules such as “Voice No Negatives Without a SOULution”. That concept is in and of itself mind expanding. Gather your strength of spirit, dare to care, and begin making positive changes in your own life, community and environment.

If you choose to peacefully protest, understand your cause. Applying “Voice No Negatives Without a SOULution” can change the dynamic of your protest! It astounds me to see, for example, environmental protesters leaving behind heaps of litter, trash, discarded signs, etc. Give deep thought to what you stand for and why, then BE the change you want to see in the world.

Re-think socially engineered divisions that have been deliberately imposed on u.s., and expand thought to the common cause that unites US. United we are the majority, and that restores Power to the Peaceful!