National Secrecy Act

National Secrecy Act

The 1947 National Security Act is an unchecked blanket of secrecy that has allowed for the proliferation of criminal activity and the undermining of US National Sovereignty since its inception.  Formed in conjunction with the CIA, this deceptively named Act shrouded the impact and intent of Project Paperclip’s importation of Nazi and Fascist scientists into the US in the wake of WWII.  

As Mark Phillips and I publicly stated for over 30 years, this is a National Security that is threatening the security of our nation when it covers up crimes against humanity that pick up where Adolph Hitler left off.  Crimes such as Project Paperclip’s New World Order slave society agenda, its psychological weapon system of MK Ultra mind control, and its funding mechanism of drug and human trafficking.

“Free” to Testify

The reverberating ramifications of National Security being invoked on my 1995 testimony for Congress TRANCE Formation of America continue to plague me to date.  National Security on my case meant that I could still speak out- albeit ONLY on what was validated in TRANCE– without being sued by politically affluent perpeTraitors named therein. Evidence was already confirmed as absolute, yet justice through the legal system could not and would not be obtained.  Instead, Mark and I pursued the ultimate justice of positive change through public awareness.  Together we walked a fine legal line in order to survive to bring truth to light.                                                

Despite being legally free to voice my testimony detailed in TRANCE, I was forbidden under threat of incarceration or worse from voicing perceptions or calling for revolution against the New World Order.  Feds actually monitored our speaking events to ensure I didn’t say anything that wasn’t in my confirmed testimony. Patriots and citizens attending our events assumed the FBI suits in the back of the room in dark sunglasses were there to learn truth just as they were.

Mark and I knew why the Feds were present and watched them bristle as we called for ‘evolution’ which truth inspires.  We must evolve with knowledge that is our defense against mind control.  FBI agents certainly had Need to Know that, too!

When Mark passed away in 2017, I consciously chose to honor him by staying strong and continuing our shared life’s purpose of raising awareness on mind control and healing from it.  People all around the world need this pertinent information now more than ever since mind control masked as a virus has been unleashed on a global scale to usher in what Adolph Hitler, George Bush, and Joe Biden term the New World Order… as forewarned in TRANCE.

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.

Navigating Censorship

Navigating National Security censorship on my own is a challenge, yet many changes have now occurred.  Laws of Sedition binding Mark due to his working in mind sciences on the highest levels of Intelligence do not apply to me. And with our nation being sold out to globalism, I wonder what previously imposed “National Security” restrictions still apply?

With the onset of instant information literally at our fingertips, information I was forbidden from sharing is available on the internet for anyone who thinks to seek it!  Check President Ford’s Cabinet, for example. 

Nelson Rockefeller was Gerald Ford’s Vice President! Maybe the Feds were hoping all of u.s. would forget the Rockefeller Commission supposedly investigated the CIA the way the Warren Commission had investigated the Kennedy Assassination- both of which were overseen by Ford.

Since I did not have personal exposure to Rockefeller, I was forbidden from bringing up his name just as I was censored from mentioning Ford’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. My mother had much to say about Henry Kissinger that raises questions, yet that fact was considered to be ‘her-say’ which I was forbidden to assert.  

Is there correlation between the close relationship of Kissinger and Ford, Ford’s World Population Plan of Action to “combat population growth”, and Ford’s urging that every person in the United States be vaccinated? Research for yourself.  Its public record. Surely Wikipedia isn’t breaching so called ‘National Security’ by asserting facts I was forbidden from speaking.

Since I did have validated exposure to George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Jack Valenti, I was legally permitted to point out that they were in Ford’s Cabinet and actively eroding our Constitution behind the ‘seen’.

My “owner” in MK Ultra US Senator Robert C. Byrd, who was among the most influential of globalists, held office and our country’s purse strings for over 50 years. Follow the money and it leads to the same handful of puppetmasters ruling our world today through Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Greed.

With 2020 elections blatantly stolen along with our nation’s sovereignty to usher in the New World Order ‘global reset’ slave society agenda, I now wonder how “National Security” has been redefined from the ridiculous rules of secrecy I was forced to comply with?

In case you’re wondering by now who imposed and enforced these ridiculous restrictions against my testimony for so-called Reasons of National Security, it was primarily the FBI. One of whom was Brad Garrett, the same FBI Brad Garrett who testified against my trafficked daughter as detailed in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security

FBI Brad Garrett’s expertise on secrecy extended to investigating the Clinton White House ‘suicide’ of   White House Counsel Vince Foster and suspicious death of Intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney, among others. Perhaps my daughter’s legal and mental health records naming Clintons for drug and human trafficking prompted Garrett to testify against her?  National Security was invoked on my daughter’s case in open court on March 17, 1993.

Since my sexual assault by Clintons occurred when I was in my 20s, I was legally bound from referring to them as pedophiles since it was not my experience. Therefore, I referred to Clintons as ‘tri-sexual’ meaning they would try anything! 

National Security restrictions forbid me from suggesting mind control was imposed on Reagan post assassination attempt since I did not witness the implementation the way I had witnessed it imposed on Bush, Jr. Therefore, I could only publicly state that George “Poppy” Bush ran Reagan’s Administration.

Now more than ever it is crucial to factor mind control into the equation of politics, whether it be trauma based, technological, or both! Remember, mind control is a sliding scale from robotic MK Ultra mind control such as I endured to information control.

Pay close attention to family dynasties including Bush, Clinton, Trudeau, and Romney hellbent on controlling the minds of the masses for a globalist slave society agenda.

And above all, question the integrity and purpose of the 1947 National Security Act!  No more secrecy! Truth makes u.s. free!

Trance & Access Denied Bundle

Save money, buy TRANCE ACCESS DENIED as a 2 book set.

Compiled from our testimony for the US Congressional Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight, TRANCE Formation Of America exposes many US Government criminal operations from the past, as well as the present. 

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security takes you on our journey of survival as US Government Whistleblowers, and also reveals healing techniques Mark taught me.